True or not? Are there problems w/ Markdown notes in Obsidian even w/ plugins?

Problems with Markdown notes in Obsidian?

Obsidian is good but has several limitations, including difficulties with adding specific titles, lack of automatic date filling, missing right-click option to create URLs, and the inability to tag notes across multiple related notes. Aug 3, 2023.

Is this true? I’m sure the plugins dealing with the above are negated.
End of Story.

Are you asking us to confirm a list of problems you got from ChatGPT?


Don’t mean to pile on, but is there a question here you would like help with or is this just a rant?

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Seems like a genuine concern voiced with a tone of frustration, using this thread as “inspiration.”

I agree that for a new user it is difficult to know what is in the realm of achievable, with or without community plugins.
I also agree it would be difficult/impossible (imprudent?) to make an official docs page on how to do this and that using this and that third-party plugin.
So one needs to read and bookmark forum threads, watch videos and brainstorm, try out stuff in test vaults, etc.

Ignore this entry dated 8/3/23. I’m on my way to using Obsidian. I am glad after reading & reading the Youtube videos on various ways to use Obsidian I’ve since jumped in and I am NOW DOING FINE :slight_smile: Yes, I was a concern beginner back in 8-3-23 when I was still using Evernote. Been using Evernote for 10 years.