Troubleshoot very low performance

Sometimes, for unknown for me reason Obsidian freezes for a few mins, becomes irresponsive and occupies 8-11% CPU

I would like to troubleshoot it.

Using Process Explorer I found it spends the most time in Obsidian.exe!Cr_z_crc32 function, but I don’t know how to proceed to find the root cause of that. Please assist

Does it happen with no plugins & default theme?

Is your vault really stored locally?
Are there third party sync/backup solutions running on your files?

What’s your obsidian version?
What’s the installer version?

Yes, I just checked it in the Safe mode, i.e. no community plugins. The theme is default.

The vault is local, on SSD.

No sync/backup is running.

Obsidian version 0.14.12

Obsidian installer version 0.12.19

Currently Obsidian consumes 18% of CPU

download and reinstall obsidian.

Also sometimes you need to restart obsidian after disabling plugins.

If it happens again, try to record a performance profile.

Ctrl-shift-i->performance->record the slowdown->stop recording → export to file → zip it and upload it somewhere and send us a link.

Thanks, after reinstalling, the issue is gone. If it comes back, I will provide a performance profile