Troubles with bracket rendering since latest update

Steps to reproduce

Since the latest update, mathjax/obsidian does not correctly render vertical lines in matrices, brackets, cases, etc.

The following code should produce clean math brakets, but it does not:

\delta_x\mathcal{C}(x^*) = \delta\boldsymbol{x}^T \left.\frac{d\mathcal{C}}{dx}\right|_{x^*} =
\delta\boldsymbol{x}^T (\boldsymbol{W}\boldsymbol{x}^* + \boldsymbol{e}) =  0
\quad\forall\delta \boldsymbol{x}
\qquad\text{mit}\quad \frac{d\mathcal{C}}{d\boldsymbol{x}} =
\begin{bmatrix}\tfrac{d\mathcal{C}}{dx_1} \\ \tfrac{d\mathcal{C}}{dx_2} \\
\vdots \\ \tfrac{d\mathcal{C}}{dx_n}\end{bmatrix}

Expected result

Should look like:

Actual result

Actually looks like:


  • Windows 11 OS
  • still happens with plugins disable and standard theme, no css

This is likely a zoom/font bug of mathjax

Try to change the font or zoom level.