Trouble (?) with properties’ types — missing feature or bug ? some clarifications are neaded

There are some mysteries around properties’ properties…

In the metadata block, I have a field called created with the date and time of the note creation :


Now that we have a “date” and a “time” type for our new properties, I think it’s a good idea to parse the previous field into more meaningful, more relevant fields :


We would expect the respective fields to somehow acquire the respective types. But it doesn’t appear to be the case:


Ok, it’s understandable that it doesn’t happen magically. But we would then expect that choosing the appropriate type with the popup menu would do something meaningful :


But it’s not the case. Nothing happens. Neither by doing the same in the “File properties” sidebar panel.

So there are questions arising :

  • Are there really “types” for the metadata fields/properties ?
  • If it’s the case, where are these types recorded ?
  • Where can one actually define the types ?
  • Can then the data entry be enforced to the defined type and with a certain syntax ?
    • It would be especially useful for dates, because of the confusion between US and EUR formats (MM.DD.YYYY vs. DD.MM.YYYY) only the ISO format (YYYY-MM-DD is unambiguous).

Maybe it calls for a 1.4.x or even a 1.5.0 release…

My two cents…

Olivier :-{)

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