\\.trash\\Untitled. name is invalid, must not end in space or period on Windows

Possible bug introduced by SyncThing and/or Obsidian Mobile.

Systems in use: Windows 10:(dropbox/syncthing), Android with Obsidian Mobile

Severity - annoyance, not impacting productivity

Steps to reproduce

  • Created a Untitled note in Obsidian Mobile
  • Deleted it in Obsidian Mobile
  • Assume Syncthing ran

Expected result

Expected my vault, PKM, to sync without issue

Actual result

  • Windows 10 side asserts the following from within GUI interface of Syncthing
  • uncertain if issue was introduced by syncthing or Android mobile
  • The Windows File Explorer says the folder is empty for path PKM\.trash


  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Obsidian version: 1.0.3 mobile

If you can reproduce this by using Obsidian Sync alone, open a new bug report.

We don’t provide support for third-party sync apps.

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