Transparent Background

The most recent update removed the transparent background effect on windows. I really liked how that looked, so is that gone for good or is there any possibility of it coming back? And is there a way to still get a similar look with CSS or something?

It is an upstream issue with Electron which Obsidian uses on desktop. See here: Transparent window has white background window · Issue #2170 · electron/electron · GitHub

If Electron fixes it, I’m sure it will come back but no ETA.

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Per Joethei:

Unfortunately it seems that the recent Electron update completely broke our previous approach. They introduced a new API that only supports win11 22H2+ but we aren’t too sure how well that works.

Transparency on Windows was using a previously undocumented Win API, which also has a nasty bug that makes the app not respond well to being moved around the screen.

It can be done with a plugin now, previously it required some native code which is why it was included in core.


Thanks for that insightful reply.

Is such a plugin available at this time? (A search in Community plugins only shows one for canvas)

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Not that I know of, for now.

Thanks for the info. I noticed that bug, it was so bad I could only move the window with the Win + arrow key shortcuts. Hopefully it’ll come back eventually without that issue

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