Translucency missing in Obsidian 1.0

Steps to reproduce

Enable ‘Appearance’ › ‘Translucent window’.

Expected result

I expect translucency to be visible behind my notes, like it was before the redesign.

Actual result

There is an opaque color behind my notes, as if ‘Translucent window’ is off.


  • Operating system: Windows 10

Additional information

Before Obsidian 1.0, I had a beautiful interface going with the translucency. I used Wallpaper Engine to have particle effects follow my cursor, pulsing in synchronization with the music I listen to while writing. I really loved how immersed I got into the writing and being in my flow with the music and the visuals. I would like to still be able to enjoy that, as it’s a defining quality of my enjoyment of Obsidian.

Temporary workaround

Here is a CSS snippet to add to help with transparency of the note body, at least, for now, in lieu of the setting working as it did before.

Thanks for reading :pray: :sparkles:

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I am not at a computer to test the translucency, but I love the idea of particle effects interacting with music and cursor movements showing through to the work that is being done within Obsidian. I would be interested in hearing more about this. Thanks!

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This is not a bug. This is an intentional change.
Translucency is only behind some UI elements and not notes.
You can use CSS to change how it looks as you wish.

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I’m happy to share about the setup I love. I use a customization of the Colorful Fluid Animation option available in Wallpaper Engine. When Obsidian is translucent over the desktop, it feels like Obsidian is glowing and changing to the music as I type!

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Hi WhiteNoise, I appreciate your clarification.

Can we make it a feature request then?

It takes more effort to enable translucency as Obsidian had it before, and I still don’t have the full CSS to do so. Some things are still opaque, such as behind quotes, backlinks in the backlinks listing, code blocks…

A feature was removed that I miss. Can you help me label this request properly? Thank you :pray: