Translucency issues on MacOS

I observed the similar problem in 0.9.6 as well.

@I-d-as I used to use the cmd+r( in mac version) to refresh the backlink list, the older version before 0.9.5 has a bug on showing the correct backlink items.

Ctrl-r you refreshes the whole app. You should not use it (or need to use it) in normal circumstances.

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But why the background color of the ‘refreshed’ app does not match the original one?

Does this happen when you have translucency diasabled?

No, only when translucent plugin is enabled.

This phenomenon also shows up when you press the alt+cmd+I(which invokes the developer tools), with translucency enabled, of course.

Are you all on mac?

I’m using a Mac.

Added the macOS tag – can’t seem to repro on Windows 10.

Hey, looks like there is something definitely broken: the background color is changing when you bring Obsidian (0.9.11) to a full screen mode. Here is a video.

(macOS Big Sur)

Still reproducible in 0.9.14.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Set Transparency Plugin
  2. Cmd + R reload

Expected result

Expected that the app would reload with no significant changes to themes (and this happens with no custom css)
Here is what it is suppose to look like:

Actual result

Obsidian becomes whiter and fainter that goes away once I manually close and open the app. This happens on both dark and light mode.

Here is a picture of dark mode after the bug occurs:


  • Operating system: macOS Mojave Version 10.14.6
  • Obsidian version: 0.9.15

Additional information

The app should not be reloaded under normal cirumstances. Why do you do cmd-r?

I didn’t have any particular reason to do cmd-r. At the time I was just trying to reload the graph (nothing was wrong with the graph) and then that happened.

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Yup! That looks like it.

when we release the public version, download and reinstall obsidian from the installer and let me know if you still have this bug.

Are the Cmd+R and full screen translucency issues related to the same bug or these two should be separated?

Not necessarely, but the next public release we will update electron so maybe all these bugs will be fixed as a consequence. If it’s not fixed open a bug report.

Refresh issue (Cms+R) seems fixed on my system after updating to the current public release. The fullscreen issue is still there.
Here is a new topic.