Transition strategy from other note taking apps to Obsidian

Hello. I’ve found Obsidian some weeks ago and I decided to make a transition from my other note taking apps to this plattform. The problem is that I have A TON of notes on the other plattforms and the migration to Obsidian it’s proving very hard for me.

I have notes in three apps:

  • Notion (already migrated to Obsidian)
  • Google Keep
  • One Note

I’ve tried to use some scripts to try and migrate from OneNote to .md and from Google Keep to md. This has resulted in the scripts failing or some scripts work but I can’t extract all the content of the notes as they are.

So, what I really wanted to know from some of you guys is:

  • How did you achieve to migrate a lot of notes from other plattforms to Obsidian?
  • Should I opt for migrating some notes and do the migration gradually as I require some of the notes that I have in other plattforms?

What is the best approach you think I should take? Ideally, I would like to access all my OneNote and Keep notes in Obsidian directly, but I understand that this may not be possible right away.

Thank you in advance for the help, look forward to completely migrate to Obsidian!

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