Transclusions title text in footnotes not wrapping

What I’m trying to do

I’m adding some footnotes to my Obsidian study Bible on iOS. The footnotes I want to turn into their own atomic notes and link them there as a transluclusion block. (the links with exclamation marks)

But, the problem is that when they render the text wraps but the title doesn’t wrap.
That makes the scrolling get all wonky (especially on my tablet).

I wouldn’t mind too much if it was just a visual glitch, but the scrolling changes from vertical to vertical and horizontal the moment the transclusion comes on screen, and being a touch screen, the slightest movement left or right makes the screen shift.

Things I have tried

I’ve tried changing my theme back to default but the same problem persisted.

What I want is for the title text in the transclusion boxes to wrap just like the rest of the text. Any ideas?

Can you show the footnote embed you are using (I assume it looks something like this),

[^1]: some text ![[Untitled 2#^fbdd02]]

and a sample of the source note with the long title that’s being embedded?

I tried embedding (both a heading a block) a long section of text in a footnote, and both Live Preview and Reading modes wrapped properly on desktop and iOS. (It looks like you are using iPadOS there)

In addition to a sample, can you try using the default theme with no CSS snippets enabled (if you have any)? It may be a theme issue.

[^1]: sn **worship the Father**. ![[Jews and Samaritans pronounced the divine name differently]]

Then here is the source text of the note being called:

The Jews and Samaritans both ostensibly worshipped the same God, but they had different understandings of him. #more-needed One example is how they pronounced the divine name. The Samaritan pronunciation was very likely close to “Yahweh”

I tried switching back to the default theme and the problem was persistant. Additionally I just checked CSS Snippets and there are none.

Okay. I see.

Yeah, the long note/file name isn’t wrapping. I thought the embed was linking to a heading or a block.

I’d consider shortening the note name, or putting it as a heading and linking to that (even if redundant):

[^1]: sn **worship the Father**. ![[Jews and Samaritans pronounced the divine name differently#Jews and Samaritans pronounced the divine name differently]]

Depending on your heading sizes you may need to adjust those or link to a ### h3, etc., in the source note.

An alternative is a CSS snippet using your original footnote embed [^1]: sn **worship the Father**. ![[Jews and Samaritans pronounced the divine name differently]]:

.embed-title.markdown-embed-title {
    white-space: wrap;
    color: red;

This works on the desktop and works in the mobile emulator, but in my test doesn’t actually seem to work on iOS for some reason. (you can remove the color: red; section).

Those are both really promising looking solutions. I’ll try them both out when I get back home and let you know.

Also, it seems like this isn’t the desired behavior, I should probably fill out a bug report.

So I’ve tried it out with the CSS snippet.

So, as you can see in the image, it didn’t work for me. (Also tried on Default theme) However, the other purposed work around (adding a heading and linking to that) did work.

Thanks for the help. If you’ve got any other ideas, I’m open to trying them out, but otherwise i’m just going to submit a bug report, maybe use the work around and/or maybe start a new thread about better workflows haha.

Yeah, as I mentioned, the snippet works on desktop and in the mobile emulator (for me) so should work on iOS/iPadOS, but doesn’t for whatever reason. Too bad.

If I think of anything, I’ll report back.

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