Transclusion of notes as a "catalogue" with dataview (or something else) possible?

I collect fountain pens and added some informations in yaml (manufacturer: Pelikan, Color: red, Price: 55,55 €, …) and some (images, describing texts, tables, headlines, …) in the note itself. Now I’d like to build a “catalogue” of some of these notes of fountain pens with some tags or other information from yaml as a filter, ordered by manufacturer.

Is there a way to transclude search results with such notes into a single note? A catalogue of some or all fountain pens?

With Dataview or something else?

This would be good starting place for you

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I found a solution:

This is the dataview code in the “catalogue” (in my case: “Füller”):

    TABLE without id 
    foto, AS "Titel",
    Modell as Modell,
    EKP as "EKP (€)",
    Fortschrittsbalken AS "Fortschritt"
    FROM "Privat/Konsum/Füller"
    where ID >=0 
    SORT Modell, Hersteller desc 

This is the YAML in one of the notes about a single fountain pen (in this case: “Faber-Castell e-motion”):

foto: <img width="80px" src="file:///P:/Obsidian/Privat/Konsum/Füller/attachments/148231_0_PM99.webp">
Fortschrittsbalken: <progress max=100 value=10> </progress> 10% 
tags: Füller
ID: 212
Modell: e-motion
Feder: F
Hersteller: Faber-Castell  
EKP: 49,77
Farbe: croc  

Every note with a description of a (single) fountain pen must have this frontmatter with individual values.

Thank you very much, I will look at it immediately.

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