Transclusion Extra Line Breaks After Text

What I’m trying to do

I have created a file that uses transclusions from multiple files to create a compilation of various ideas that I’m working on. The issue is that it seems transclusion sometimes includes a line break after the material transcluded (even if a line break doesn’t exist in the original file). It creates inconsistent spacing.

Things I have tried

I’ve tried removing all text except the paragraph to be transcluded (which sometimes still adds an extra line break). I’ve tried switching themes from Minimal to Default, but the extra line breaks persist across themes.

Not seeing this. Have you tried deactivating any active CSS snippets?

I currently don’t have any snippets activated. I’ve attached a screenshot with the text pixelated. You can see the first and last paragraphs have double space after while the others have single. I can’t see any difference in the formatting of the transclusions