Transcluding all files in folder for Marked 2

Marked 2 is a great tool for prettily formatting markdown.

My issue is that I have a number of files in a folder. I want them all to end up in a single PDF. Marked 2 supports transclusion but not in the obsidian format.

So what I want to do is ‘automatically’ (or manually!) generate an index file for a folder which lists the files in the folder in alphabetical order like this:

{{01 My first}}
{{10 This is the second}}
{{11 There’s a third}}

Is there any way to do this? I could probably hack the Zottelkeeper plugin which goes most of the way there… but does not allow formatting of the links it generates.

Maybe try this:

  1. Generate a list of files in a folder with this plugin
  2. copy the generated list from preview mode
  3. paste it into a new file
  4. use Search&Replace to convert them to links.

Thanks @shallash. Unfortunately I can’t get the link to the plugin to work… which one was it?

As it is, I’ve forked the code for Zottelkeeper and it’s fairly straightforward - I should be able over the weekend to add another type of link easily and the plugin will automatically maintain the index page in Marked 2 format.

Sorry, I used the obsidian:// link, not sure why the forum didn’t even allow it.
The plugin is called Folder Index.
Here’s the GitHub:

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FYI the Waypoint plugin would have been another possible starting point, and the Apply Patterns plugin could have simplified the search-replace.

Another approach might have used the Longform plugin (if not in its current form then in its forthcoming v2).

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