Transclude Range of Blocks

Use case or problem

A large portion of my obsidian usage is based on bible study, which splits things into obvious blocks (verses). I believe there’s likely others with a similar issues/use case however. My problem is how to handle transcluding a range of verses/blocks which is not necessarily the same each time (ie could be blocks 1-3 first transclusion, 2-6 next time, then 1-8).

For example, for a small snippet would be

1 Forasmuch ... among us, ^1

2 Even as ... ministers of the word; ^2

3 It seemed good to ... excellent Theophilus, ^3

4 That thou ... thou hast been instructed. ^4

Proposed solution

I think a simple way to do this would be to specific a “range” in the embed to combine transclusion of multiple blocks. Something along the lines of
![[my_note#^1-3]], ![[my_note#^1^3]], or ![[my_note#^1#^3]]
depending on what characters are currently allowed in block-ids.

Current workaround (optional)

Currently usage would look like this,


which is clunky and results in a HUGE amount of space being taken up in preview mode before/after each transclusion (especially if I’m transcluding 10-15 blocks). Further, when navigating to the transclusion, only a single block is highlighted, and it would be great if they all were.

A plugin could also automatically split my proposed solution to this, but isn’t going to solve the clunkiness/space/highlighting issues.

Related feature requests (optional)