Transclude headings only

When you make a ! transclude of another note, it displays the whole note. Is there any way to just display the headers? Is that something I could do with one of thos MOC plugins?


I think you can use this plugin:


Without a plugin… on the main note:

  • Make sure note has a title (# title)
  • after the title, add a list that has the note’s headings (maybe they even link down to the actual headings)
  • after the list of headings add another header with note content beneath

With this structure, you can embed that heading from the note and it will show the title and the list of headings. (![[Note name#heading]])

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Not saying it’s not a little clunky… just that it’s doable…

Thank you @austin @mnvwvnm as I understand it the plugin should create the TOC and keep it updated which I can then refer to using [[notetitle#TOC]]?

Yes, is the idea.
But I never tried the plugin…

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This is perfect! Works like a charm.

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