Transclude \ Embed Remote Files (with http links)

Mod Edit: This FR is for Embedding remote files. Use This FR for emebedding local files.

While it is a core principle of Obsidian that your notes be stored locally in an app-neutral format, there is still a good case to be made for supporting, in my local notes, transclusion of remotely-stored notes.

The main one is to allow for transclusion of notes produced by others

  • reference works
  • published knowledge vault notes of others

I could imagine several levels of support, but the simplest starting point would be for a url-accessible markdown file.

In terms of markdown syntax, it seems to me we could just use the syntax used for rendering images inline, and for transcluding local notes: just put a ‘!’ in front of the structure for a normal remote link, something like:

…and then have this just render directly inline.


The first thing I thought of when reading this was, what about broken links? To solve this a script could pull the md file and save locally. If there were future changes to the file the script would pull the updated file. If the file went away, the script would do nothing. A one way sync basically.

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I like this idea. The current security level of obsidian (clean raw HTML etc.) Is a bit overkill and limiting for local trusted notes.

If this is implemented (I would love it if it were) - then remote notes should be in sandbox / strict safe mode until manually trusted. Also Trust should be reset on any remote update

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