Traker calendar

Hi everyone thanks for your answers, maybe could you help me with this, look, I have a question, how can I do a calendar tracker but making that the range is between 1 and 10, not over 0 and 1, I have my metadata in hours and not in 1 or 0, there is the posiibility that check the list when the information exceeds 3 hours…


Metadata in the page:
tags: ‘#Diario
Focus: 5


searchType: frontmatter
searchTarget: Focus
folder: Calendar
datasetName: Focus
startDate: 2023-07-12
endDate: 2023-07-31
	startWeekOn: "Mon"
	color: steelBlue

The calendar show me al the days that I have a number, there is possible that show me only the days exceeds 3 hours, thanks

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