Traditional shortcuts (F2 to rename, DEL to delete...)

Use case or problem

I recently installed Obsidian, and I was really disapointed when I realized I cannot delete a file or a folder by selecting it in the explorer and then pressing Delete key.
Then I tried to rename a file with F2 key and the same thing happened, nothing.

Proposed solution

Add the missing “traditional” shortcuts : F2 to rename file or folder and DEL to delete.
It would be nice to also add a shortcut to create a new folder in the explorer

Current workaround (optional)

Use your mouse.

I don’t know about renaming, but at least “delete current file” is customizable under the Hotkeys menu. (Because the file explorer doesn’t take keyboard focus, you can’t really set “delete” as a hotkey—that’s deleting things in the currently selected file.)

eta: And “Edit file title” is in there too—set by default to F2, it seems. It may not look like it’s renaming because it would happen in the title bar, not in the file explorer list. I sympathize, because it feels like weird file explorer behavior to me as well, but the keyboard shortcuts do work.

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