Tracking weekly values in Tracker

Over the last few weeks, I have implemented tracker to map out several values that I store in my daily notes, and all’s working fine.

However, I’d also like to use it to track values that I only need to input on a weekly basis (things like my weight, blood pressure etc). Is that possible?

The issue I’m having is that the name of my weekly review files are things like W48-2002. I’ve been playing around with the Tracker Date format to try to include week numbers, but I can’t seem to find anything in the documentation.

Does Tracker only work with day, month and year values, of it is possible to work with it on a weekly basis too?

Thanks a lot for the help

Hi there

I had the same problem as you and I fixed it by using the creation date of the file as the x value.

searchType: fileMeta, dvField
searchTarget: cDate, dvTarget
xDataset: 0

You can also see an example at: obsidian-tracker/ at master · pyrochlore/obsidian-tracker · GitHub

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