Tracking people and related notes

What I’m trying to do

I’m constantly in meetings with existing people from my team, and new people (e.g., prospects, partners). I’d like a way of being able to keep notes in my daily journal and meeting note pages so if I reference someone, I could then somehow have a page or pull up any and all notes abut that person/company.

So imagine I have the following two notes:

Note 1

Daily Journal for 04.07.2022

  • Went to lunch with @JohnSmit
  • Responded to emails from @JenSmith
  • Ate a banana
  • Lifted weights

Note 2

ACME Status Meeting Notes - 20220408


  • Item 1
  • Item 2 (We need help from @JenSmith)
  • Item 3
    Tags: #ACMECorp

What I’d love is a page in Obsidian that had references to these pages, alphabetically organized, with all the references to the meetings in reverse chronological order



  • [[ACME Status Meeting Notes - 20220408]]

Jen Smith

  • [[ACME Status Meeting Notes - 20220408]]
  • [[Daily Journal for 04.07.2022]]

John Smit

  • [[Daily Journal for 04.07.2022]]

Suggest a “people” folder that you can link all your contacts to, and then find all your notes that mention them.

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my best bet is for u to use dataview. alternatively you can also use obsidian built in query

i took the liberty to whip out example case (based on what i think u need). see below

the obsidian query picks up the dataview code block, hence u see results from “test reference dataview”


Ooh! That is fantastic!

Thanks so very much!

Very cool.

When running the block query in my vault or the sandbox vault, I don’t get the menu options you have in your screenshot. How did you add them?



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Owh. Forgot to mention that in the earlier post. I use NIL’s beta plugin here. It gives u additional control to obsidian query.


Thank you, @efemkay. Much appreciated. Will take a look.


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