Tracking how frequently I interact with my contacts

Hello everyone!

I’m working on developing a system to monitor the frequency of my interactions with certain contacts, and to be alerted if that frequency exceeds a specific threshold.

Here’s what I have in place currently:

  • Daily notes where I document any interactions with a contact (mentioning it with a link).
  • A folder dedicated to contacts, where each contact has their own note. These notes include a YAML header specifying the ‘frequency’ (a maximum number of days between interactions that I aim not to exceed).
  • Every contact note is tagged with a #contact tag

What I’m looking to accomplish:

  • I want a Dataview table listing all the contacts in the designated folder (this is obviously easy and I did that)
  • For each contact, I’d like a column showing the number of days elapsed since the last mention in a daily note.
  • I also want a third column, wherein, based on the frequency defined in each contact’s note (in the YAML header), it compares this frequency to the number of days since the last contact. If the latter is greater than the former, I’d like an emoji to appear

I’ve tried to construct this using dataviewjs, but I must confess, my skills are not quite up to the task.

Is there anyone who could help me understand whether this is feasible, and if so, guide me on how to achieve it?

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