Tracking Every Minute With Obsidian

I’ve been lurking in the shadows of the Obsidian community for awhile now,. Now I’ve finally decided to participate, so, uh, take a view into how and why I use Obsidian? I think I take it too far. :rofl:


I’m interested to know more about how it works. What is a typical entry process?

I was hoping someone would ask that. I had left it out of the post since I felt it more fitting for another post.

So, I had been using QuickAdd in combination with Templator, but I recently switched to a more extensible prompt using just a Templator script.

It works in a three step process:

  1. First I time the activity (using my watch).
  2. Once I completed my task, I run my “Activity” script (via a hotkey or mobile shortcut) which prompts for the #dv/📝 (my notes) and #dv⏳ (general activity) inline DataView fields.
  3. Finally, I run my “Activity End” script which will prompt for “Hours” and “Minutes”. These fields are used to full out all the timeline information.

(The inline fields an be seen in my Santa Clause example within my post.)

The scripts are still a bit of a work in progress. A few features still need some work.

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Hi there!

A very interesting read!
I too am in the midst of a crazy journey trying to record every conceivable piece of data about myself, through daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly/yearly notes. At the moment I’m focusing on the dataview and dataviewJs part, to automate the data collecting and displaying through Charts.js

A couple of months ago I also tried tracking every minute of my life, but I’ve soon dropped this daunting task since I’m not a programmer and I had to do that manually.

Now I deal with the time tracking bit through Toggl Track implementations, but as a matter of fact I’m looking for alternatives within obsidian because my main goal is to make obsidian the ONLY app to use.

I would love to hear more about your project and ideas, feel free to contact me if you want to start a conversation about this :slight_smile:

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Absolutely. I can’t figure out how to message you on the forums. Can you try messaging me? Otherwise, just let me know what you like to chat on.

Thanks :smiley:

so… um. Do you have the scripts, templates and styles. Looks nice and clean.

Yes, all a constant work in progress, but my scripts work well at the moment. Are you interested in anything in particular? I don’t mind cleaning up my scripts to share.

The script and templates would be good. What theme did you base the style changes on?

Hey check out the full calendar plugin ; it works pretty well for me

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