Tracking assets in notes

My work has 3 major components. Hardware, applications and people. Ideally I’d like to analyze some of the links and relationships between them.

As i take notes i tag the items as above which works but ideally I’d like to for example view all users and or all applications. i have though of adding prefix so for example


but suspect this is nonsense and would not work.

is this feasible or do i need a different system.

I don’t think that you can prepend a symbol for tags, but there are people who put a symbol before different types of notes. For example, some people prepend “@” before a person’s name so that when they look in their file explorer, all of their notes for people are next to each other.

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Thanks, that was my thinking which i explained badly. :smile:


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I get you this can be really useful, I’d agree with @JonathanBuchh I use a lot of different symbols as prefix to notes to determine certain meaning.

For example

⧉ = zettelkasten notes
⟐ = private
⭔ = project

I have a lot of those, with time I’ve decided to replace a few of them for tags, since it can be much simpler to use tags. but the benefit of using symbols is that it sorts groups of files in a nice organized fashion. This is really helpful if I want to make bulk changes or move a series of files elsewhere.

I insert those symbols with a text expander in my case espanso, which is a bit tricky to set-up but it’s free and an excellent tool once you get the hang of it. If not espanso, there are other great paid tools much easier to use.

Hope that helps!

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