Tracker: Supported Date Formats

I am looking to setup Obsidian for tracking habits with the Tracker plugin. All the examples at’ assume daily note has entire date, but my daily note is setup as YYYY/MM-MMM/DD-ddd, so today’s note is named 23-Fri under 09-Sep folder under 2022 folder. I tried using the code below:

searchType: tag
searchTarget: temp1
folder: ArchivesReferences/Journal/
startDate: 2022/09-Sep/01-Thu
endDate: 2022/09-Sep/30-Fri
    title: Time1
    yAxisLabel: Temp1
    yAxisUnit: Hrs
    lineColor: yellow

But, it’s throwing an error:

No valid date as X value found in notes
79 files are not in the right format.

So I wanted to check if tracker supports this date-format for daily notes or the daily notes need to be renamed.

If you don’t get an answer here, you might post your question as an issue on Tracker’s GitHub page.

In case anyone has a similar setup where daily note name does’t have the full date, I worked around this by inserting daily date in YAML frontmatter using templater , then reading from it in tracker using xDataset (example - .

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