Tp. references not resolving

Things I have tried

checking all settings between the vaults that do work and the one that doesnt - but I might have missed something.
followed the syntax helper to make sure I am entering the command correctly.
open and closed the vault after the file has been created from the template.

What I’m trying to do

I am fairly new to obsidian and I have this working in other vaults that have downloaded from other people. But when I create a vault from scratch it just doesn’t work. I am trying to create a few templates for my notes, and I wanted to use the <% tp.file.title %> command, but it doesn’t seem to resolve when I preview the file. It also seems that none of the tp commands are working, so I feel that I have missed a config checkbox somewhere.

As I enter the syntax the syntax helper pops up, which would suggest I am entering the right command.

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