<%tp.file.title%> Works on Mac but not Windows 11

I have a number of templates that have been sourced online, (I’m no javascript coder). I understand how the calls are supposed to work and they do on my little Macbook Air, but they don’t seem to do so on my desktop Windows 11 machine. On the Mac <%tp.file.title%> populates the file title without issue, but not on Windows. Same applies for other calls such as time. File paths etc have all been checked and are the same on both machines. Any assistance would be appreciated.



Hm tp.file.title has been working for me just fine on Windows 11! If you hit Ctrl+Shift+i to get the developer tools and then click to the console tab, so you see any error messages when you try to resolve a template?
Are these templates that you are inserting manually, or do they run automatically when you create a note?
(Other potentially useful info: Which version of Obsidian are you on, and are your community plugins up to date?)


Thanks for your reply. Now they are working. I’m wondering if it has something to do with closing and reopening the vault.


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Closing and restarting things is always a good strategy! Glad it is working now!

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