Touchscreen with voice recognition interface is what's needed

I think the developers and the community need to be careful about not letting their command-line / hotkey bias isolate Obsidian from a much bigger market of people working on large-format phones and tablets.

I know zip about programming but would it be possible to release an electron version of the app? Maybe with plugins that interface with voice recognition to recognize markdown commands? I want to work with my tablet in my lap. Not mashing a keyboard whose layout was designed to make me type slowly. Are we in the 21st century or aren’t we?

Your acidic tack is hardly warranted. Obsidian is less than a year old, and hasn’t officially left beta. Surely your suggestions are valid, but you’re not going to win influence by degrading the devs or other users.

The app is an Electron app, so it’s not clear what you mean here.

From an accessibility standpoint I hope we see this sometime soon.

The mobile app is in development, though the devs are not planning it to be a full experience. See the roadmap: Trello


Apologies, I didn’t mean to be acidic. Just factual. I also do have a little bit of frustration from dealing with the Linux community, where there is a definite bias against making things easy for non command-line people.

Again, I am no programmer and I’m just trying to understand. I came across this comment elsewhere

  • “The reason a right click works in VS Code is that it is an electron app, which is based on chromium. Chromium has excellent touch support (think android etc). The support is built in manually and doesn’t come from some toolkit, thus you’ll see some behaviour differences between GTK3 apps and electron/chromium apps…”
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