Tool bar/ button location / settings

Please help. Ive been all over youtube…obsidian help menu (needs pics). Im trying to learn obsidian but all the videos (including the so called ipad tutorials for beginners) dont show how to move the command buttons around to different places in the user interface. I want my Ipad to be set up like my PC. Please see attached pic. Please help.

this is my ipdad pro. I do not want it like this. I want it like it is on my PC

I want my Ipad Pro to be set up like this.

I cannot find what I am looking for anywhere. It is probably because I am a noob and do not know what things are called so my searches turn up with the wrong info.

Please help. Thanks!

You’re looking for the community plugin called Commander.

Ok thank you. Is there any tutorials on how to use commander? Thanks

I don’t know — I imagine it has documention in (or linked in) its description.

ok thank you for the help