Toggling the sidebars on the iPad + Magic Keyboard is jarring, seems unoptimized

What I’m trying to do

To enjoy a smooth experience on my iPad + Magic Keyboard. I’m very glad I paid for Obsidian sync to support the development of this wonderful app.

But I’m finding it hard to use the app on my iPad (which is how I work on the go). When I toggle the left or right sidebars using the hotkeys I’ve assigned, the screen flashes the sidebar as though it were being closed from a deeper position — or as though it were wider — before closing.

This behavior doesn’t occur if I swipe. It’s made even worse by my theme of choice (minimal), which makes the screen darker for a split second before returning to its intended color.

My eyes are sensitive to this kind of flashing and I find myself not using the app on my iPad for this particular reason.

Things I have tried

There doesn’t seem to be anything I can do about it. I might be wrong, but from my search, this issue doesn’t seem to have been mentioned on here.

I should add that I tried disabling all core and custom plug ins and reverting to the default theme to no avail. The only improvement I can make is to use the default theme to avoid the flashing color. But the issue with the siderbars + toggle hotkeys can’t be helped.