Toggling safe mode should remember plugin switches

Use case or problem

When filing bug requests, I like to check that it works in safe mode without CSS and Plugins.
When I turn safe mode off, all my plugin switches are turned off.
I would like the state of these switches to be remembered, so I can quickly go to safe mode, restart, reproduce a problem, and turn safe mode off again.
If there’s friction, bug reports will be of lower quality.

Proposed solution

Do not reset switch position in third party plugins when the safe mode is turned off or on.

Current workaround (optional)

Keep a note with the settings, go through all of them and turn the ones I want back on.


I have a similiar case, Almost everytime after quiting obsidian, and upon opening it again. I get the message:

This usualy happens without me ever moving the safe mode toggle at all.

Seems like obsidian forgets that I already toggled it on.

Thanfully my plugins are still installed, but every plugin is toggled off.

It get’s pretty annoying to toggle them all manually every time.

I’m not sure if this might be a bug with linux, I’m on linux manajro using obsidian through appimage version 0.9.22

@elmsfeuer 's request to remember which plugins where toggled on would be really helpful.


This seems to be fixed now — I tried toggling Safe Mode in a secondary vault, and when I turned it back off the same plugins were enabled as before.

Yeash was added a while back.

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