Toggle to open all links in new pane

Use case or problem

While reading or reviewing a note, we often need to go on a trail of notes. For it to be easy to get back to where we were, we need all those notes open all the time (preferred). Sliding Pane plugin does solve this problem.
The problem is with opening the files in new pane. It usually requires an additional click or a button (Ctrl + Click). For some people (hence,a toggle in the settings) it would easier to be able to just click once and it automatically opens in a new pane.

Now, on PC it is relatively easy if you are using a mouse (middle click), but on a ipad or a mobile, its painful. I had to assign a shortcut in the mobile bar itself, that too works only if I am in the edit mode (“Open link under the cursor in new pane”). It would be a lot easier if we could just click and open it in a new pane on mobile where, even going back is a bit difficult (two finger swipes), especially with a pencil.

Proposed solution

Simply adding a feature that all the links are always opened in a new pane. Since, all the people will naturally not be interested in such feature (most suitable to people who just want to read or review :slight_smile: ), it could be added as an optional feature — a toggle somewhere.

Current workaround (optional)

  • Generally, we need to press an extra key (Ctrl) on PC
  • On iPad its really very difficult to open in a new pane, breaks the flow. I personally added an option on mobile bar to open links in a new pane, but that works only in edit mode.

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Yes, I will pretty useful!

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I agree that this is a much needed feature. Iʻm currently setting up my workflow and setting Templater hotkeys to open all my new notes from templates. Only problem if youʻre opening new notes using hotkeys, you canʻt use the command key (youʻre already using it) and youʻre not clicking. Maybe you all are just talking about links to new notes, but Iʻm talking about opening new notes and if thereʻs a way to make it default to open in new pane in my use case, would yʻall let me know? Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m able to open any note in a new panel by clicking the scroll wheel on my mouse. It works when clicking on a backlink, in the note list, or on the daily note icon.

Mouse click could be useful, yes. I am mostly on my laptop with touchpad and most importantly on iPad. Most difficult on iPad as I mentioned.

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+1, please add it :mega:

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+1 for sure

Also useful here! I mostly use obsidian on an iPad so a middle click isn’t available for me. It would be great to have this as a toggle!