Toggle sidebar hotkeys not working

Steps to reproduce

In version 0.15.3, open the Help vault and set a hotkey for either “Toggle right sidebar” or “Toggle left sidebar”

Expected result

For the corresponding sidebar to toggle upon hokey press

Actual result

Nothing happens


  • Operating system: Windows 10

I’d be happy to add the debug info if necessary, but this happens in the sandbox vault so I figured it wouldn’t be necessary.

Thank you


will be fixed 0.15.4

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Edit: I have now come to the conclusion that it has something to do with changing the Windows setting to “Automatically hide the taskbar in desktop mode”. I have found that in my vaults and even the Sandbox vault, toggle this setting gets the hotkeys working again.

Still feel free to review the below information, but I am convinced I was mistakenly associating the fix with the changing of the “Automatically hide the taskbar in desktop mode” setting which I likely toggled causing the original fix. Anyways, thanks again.

Since it sounds like the issue is already addressed in the upcoming 0.15.4, I’m not sure the following information is going to be helpful at all, but just in case I wanted to mention that today, with some experimentation I found that after rearranging the tabs in the right sidebar, suddenly both the Toggle left and right sidebar hotkeys are once again working. However, after closing and reopening the vault, it is back to not working again.

Similarly, when opening the sandbox vault and setting the same hotkeys (alt shift [ and alt shift ]) for the corresponding toggle commands, I tried similar tab rearrangement that I assumed helped fix the issue and couldn’t get them working. So, in the end, I have no idea what actually caused the hotkeys to temporarily begin working again.

For context, I simply had the Backlinks, Outgoing links, Outline, and Tag pane tabs as well as a single docked note open on the right sidebar when I noticed it not working. I disabled Outgoing links and moved the docked note to be docked below (splitting the sidebar horizontally); then suddenly the hotkeys were working again.

I then eventually decided I wanted to share this information with you as a post so I set out on trying to see if I couldn’t undo the fix by re-enabling Outgoing links and re-docking everything as it was. Unfortunately, I was successful and now can’t get the “fix” to work again.

Anyways, I very much appreciate all of your help. Can’t wait to see what the future holds!

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