Toggle show full path in Quick Switcher

I use a folder structure that is a few levels deep, because I use PARA. When I search a file I get a suggestion like;

200 AREAS/280 Hobbies/281 Art and Drawing/The Note

This is hard to read, because the interesting stuff happens on the right, and I am not really interested in the path when I want to open a note. It serves its purpose for me to compartementalize my areas, and keep my notes organized.

Could there be an option (or maybe there is but I have not found it) to exclude the path from the quick switcher? I can imagine when there are two files with the same name, it is relevant to see the difference, but in most cases Obsidian tries to encourage you to make unique note names.


+1 from me; I face exactly the same situation and would love the solution @Jorg404 asked for.

until that gets implemented / in case it does not get implemented, you can sue the “Another Quick Switcher” Plugin, which basically does that


Would love to see this feature too. Would be very helpful.

Let me also mention another community plugin Quick Switcher++, which has this setting.