Toggle on/off Markdown features


Markdown is a powerful but non-standard tool. There are many flavors and variations of markdown with conflicting syntaxes and features.

Proposed Solution

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a menu of all the features of all the markdown flavors, each with their own individual on/off toggle? Wouldn’t it be even better if plugins were allowed to individually add their own Markdown features?

Use cases:

  1. Do you want to type a particular character but it conflicts with a certain Markdown feature that you rarely use, if ever? What if you could simply turn that feature off?
  2. Obsidian has a wide variety of users, who use a wide variety of Markdown flavors. But Obsidian itself, only has one Markdown variety. Perhaps, it could be much easier for devs to have a user-customizable Markdown engine. Then if the users ask for a particular obscure markdown feature, the devs don’t need to make it because the plugin community could make it.