Toggle Live Preview/Source mode does not preserve scroll

I am in line 487. I press my hotkey to change the view to Source mode. I jump to some random line in the 700s. I press up to refocus to my cursor, bringing me back to 487, but it’s not in the same place as before. I cannot see my cursor. I spend a quarter of a minute figuring out what line I was in.

This is very problematic. Please tell me there’s some solution to seamlessly switch between source and preview modes.

I quickly tested in the sandbox vault, and the cursor position was preserved. It looks like your problem is due to some plugins you installed.

I recommend you to follow the trouble shooting guilde to find out what’s causing the problem.

Followed the instructions, problem persisted throughout. I believe what I neglected to mention was that my document has a bunch of hyperlinked images that get squished when switching to source mode.

Is the top of the window position preserved?

I read somewhere, that if you’ve got large enough windows you should be aware that it is the top of the window position they aim to keep both when switching modes and when linking tabs together.

This kind of make sense as the program knows which line is the topmost which is displayed in the editor, and can correlate that to whatever html element is produced by that line.

This is a lot harder if you aim to preserve the position on something in the middle of the screen. Especially when you think about images being showed or not, different font sizes, and whatnot might change going from source mode to either of the other modes.

That would be serviceable if the top of the window position was preserved, but as is right now it is jumping hundreds of lines forward / backwards. What I am looking for, if this doesn’t have an automatic solution, is some way to scroll the note with a hotkey such that the cursor is at the topmost line.

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