Toggle Links

If you are someone who creates different types of links or heavily link your files, then it’d be interesting to have a toggle to see more or less links. For example you can hit a shortcut key and go from the first picture to second picture for a smoother reading experience.

Other option would to be have your normal links and then a second set of contextual links such that you go from the first picture to second one below


That would be interesting. What specific use cases do you have in mind?

I’ve seen it argued that hyperlinks can be distracting when reading long paragraphs of text because you have to cognitive disengage from what you are reading and consider if opening the link is worth it. So it would be nice to keep the link utility without the distraction.

I see. That’s interesting. Some way to filter what links show up would be really nice.

I agree with this ideas. I wanna add 1 more point.
Hotkey toggles:
Default: current default format of links and unresolved links (is-unresolved).
Toggle once: show links and unresolved links as the same format/color.
Toggle twice: hide all links and unresolved links