Toggle heading breaks the editor

Steps to reproduce

I created a hotkey for “Toggle heading” with the combination shift + alt + 1. I press (and release) this key combination and it behaves as expected.

Now, I want to move the cursor down the page into some existing text, so I hit the down arrow.

Expected result

Up and down arrows should move the cursor up and down.

Actual result

Up and down arrows no longer move the cursor. Even if I open a new note, up/down arrows just don’t work. I need to actually reload the app or close/open it for up/down arrows to move the cursor.
Left/right arrows continue to behave as they should.

Even after removing ALL custom hotkey assignments, pressing shift + alt + 1 seems to break the up/down arrow action.


  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Obsidian version: 0.12.19

Additional information

I have no plugins and no custom CSS.

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Ok I can reproduce this.

Brilliant - I didn’t even think to just try toggling the header without the hotkey, I was convinced that was the problem.

Came here since I noticed the same, toggle heading doesn’t work at all for me.

macOS 12.0.1
Obsidian 0.12.19


This is fixed in 0.13.17

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