Toggle default link click to open in new pane

Use case or problem

By default, when you click on an internal link it opens in the same pane, unless ctrl is pressed, which opens it in a new pane.

As I am using sliding panes, it doesn’t hurt to keep opening new panes, and I would rather not close the note I am reading to go to the linked note.

So, I strongly prefer that simple link click open in a new pane, and if another key (e.g., ctrl) pressed, in the same pane.

Proposed solution

A simple option to toggle the default behavior of link clicks should do the trick.

Current workaround (optional)

Nothing that I know of.

Related feature requests (optional)


If you pin the pane, a click on the link opens in another pane, not the best but it helps

Thanks. I hope there’d be a more convenient solution soon :wink: :crossed_fingers:

As a complement, I would like hotkey to toggle whether focus moves to (activates) new pane or stays on current one.

Current workaround:

If you use mouse, then you can middle click to open link in new pane.
Not feasible on laptop unless you remap some another key by Keyboard Maestro or AutoHotkey. Such key is then disabled for other actions so requested behavior is preferable. Perhaps it could be done as a plugin. #plugins

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Hi @psyguy if you’re using MacOS you can use BetterTouchTool to workaround this. When in the Obsidian app, it maps my middle-click on the mouse and 4 finger tap on trackpad to CMD + Click.

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Hi @neldeles,

I am on Windows, unfortunately.

+1, please add it, it will reduce significant amount of time for a lot of people our there like me.
Current mechanism divides the attention of user and hampers the productivity.
a toggle, by default false, would not hurt.

ain’t the objective of Obsidian app to enable users be more productive, save time and fucus on content rather than spending more time with app itself?


Another +1 on this, every browser these days has a setting when opening new links and also whether or not to switch to the newly opened item or not.

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its not really a solution or workaround, but may be helpful to some of you: I’ve set a hotkey to open the same note in a new tab by pressing cmt-t / ctrl-t (just like in a browser). The command is called “split vertically”.

Another option could be to use Hover Editor, and turn off “Require cmd to trigger page preview” in the “Page preview” settings; and minimize the time delay to open - this way you can open editable hover previews instantly without extra clicks.

This idea seems pretty basic, I’m sad it’s been sitting around on the forum for over a year now. Having a way to default the link opening seems pretty obvious, or at least enabling that change in behavior so plugins like the Sliding Panes plugin can expose a preference to enable this?


I too really want this feature. Also for the same reason that I use Sliding Panes and opening in a new pane is my preference more often than it’s not.

If I’m using Obsidian on tablet, then the key board short cut is not sufficient as a work around and pinning each pane would be tedious.

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As a workaround, I have mapped cmt-/ctrl-T to “split vertical” , and have a mobile toolbar shortcut for that. This way I ‘duplicate’ a note, and then open the desired link in a quick way.

I’m all in favor of this. I came on here to figure out how to do it. I’m new to Obsidian and this by far the most frustrating thing for me to deal with trying to learn a new way of organizing notes and work. It gets really confusing and while there are work arounds (eg. right click link and “open in new pane” or middle mouse button click), it would be very nice to have a way to toggle between a default setting of open in new pane or open in same pane.