Todo's in Obsidian syncing with todo.txt file

Hi, I am pondering about integrating todo.txt and Obsidian. The todo’s in the mardown pages are easily identifiable and can be written to a todo.txt file or synced with an existing one. For example

- [ ] Buy milk on a page called could translate to a task like;

+Shopping Buy milk

Less obvious matches can be included in the todo item itself, for example if I make a daily note with a task

- [ ] Get invoice about XYZ on a daily page called could translate to a task like;

[[2020-06-27]] Get invoice about XYZ

Or maybe use todo.txt metadata to keep the link. The nice thing about getting this syncing bi-directionally is that if I add another one in todo.txt like;

[[2020-06-27]] Another task

And I do a sync, it can be added to the page with the same name. Since todo.txt is well established I am experimenting with extracting the todo’s for a work log, but keeping them in sync with the obsidian notes. Bi-directional syncing is even better but I am aware there might be conflicts if task items with the same name occur multiple times on the page or when one task gets renamed in todo.txt but not on the daily note. The safest way is making sure that the information is always merged without information loss on either sides (e.g. stuff can be duplicated, but not accidentally removed).

Would like to hear thoughts. I want to eventually try to make a plugin, but there is no API yet as far as I can see so I might start with a concept in Python first.


It seems to me that once Obsidian opens up the API for plugins someone will make a todo.txt plugin that might make all this work natively in Obsidian?


Yes that is what I am hoping for. Hence the plugin idea :slight_smile:


Ah sorry, missed the last line!

Actually found a really simple workaround. You can just change the config file to save output to a inside your obsidian vault. Then you can just directly use links and backlinks to put the information in the right place.

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Neat idea, however I would appreciate a plugin that actually also allows the look and feel of a real todo manager when it aggregates all checkboxes present in Obsidian. But I’ll take it, it’s a smart workaround to keep stuff together :wink:

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I am very interested in this proposal. Any news since the last exchanges?

Hi @rapatel0
Can you explain what you changed in file ?

When you setup just change the config option file extension to MD and change the file paths to be within obsidian.

Note: this will allow you to view lists from in obsidian but no interaction with the other files in the vault.


Ok thanks for that !

Just wanted to let this thread know I built first class todo.txt integration into obsidian, and I am looking for feedback on where to take the plugin next.