Todo.txt, anyway to use "link to" together with Markor?

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Use case or problem

Currently obsidian didn’t even link to a todo.txt file, and neither can it edit/view a todo.txt

Proposed solution

with solution below, i can edit using markor, and link the whole file with obsidian,
but in this way i can only link the whole file;
i wish to link into a specific entry of the todo.txt using obsidian’s “link to block” function.

Current workaround (optional)

rename .todo.txt as, open it using markor, on the settings choose file format and force markor view it as .todo.txt instead of markdown. unfortunately “link to block” of obsidian not working

Related feature requests (optional)


just found a good solution:

all “.todo.txt” are renamed as “”; obsidian can open it, markor can open it.

markor, at Rt upper corner, can toggle markdown view or todo.txt view.

for each entry, add an empty line at the end using the markdown view.

then, when you switch to todo.txt view, you can see that each entry is as:

2022-12-24 test test

2022-12-24 hello hello

it is with this extra line, that obsidian will consider it as a text block, and thus can use “link to block” to it.

hope this wont break in the near future.

only partial solution,
in markor when i sort that todo.txt by priority or else,
the empty line is removed. so, back to ground zero

after playing sometimes,
if obsidian understand that “a line could be a block”, then it will be done.

markor removed all empty lines in markor’s sorting of todo.txt

played a whole day,

just found the foss simpletask (only in f droid) wont delete the empty line as by markor.
in that way

obsidian works with simpletask for