Todo plugin recommendation request

Looking for a recommendation on a Todo’s plugin.
I’d love a todo manager in Obsidian that works along the lines Tasks but with a more plaintext interface, as opposed to the Tasks codeblock section.

More explicitly, I’m looking for a plugin that works by specifying a section of the daily note to import todos into, and imports those on daily-note creation or at the press of a hotkey, but otherwise works similarly to Tasks.

Does something like that exist? If not, I might be able to work on a fork of Tasks over the break with a friend, just want to avoid duplication of effort.

Can you say more about importing on daily-note creation? Do you mean that when you create a daily note for today, it would import any unchecked todos from yesterday?

I’ve set up a query via Tasks to show all unchecked Daily Note tasks on my “Home” note and been happy with it:

not done
filter by function task.file.root === 'Daily Notes/'
group by filename reverse

If I understand your question, I do something similar. I can create task, no matter where I am, using QuickAdd plugin, that will add it to my daily Note in a specific section. In my case, I have a tasks section called “New Today” which the Quick Add plugin will add new tasks into.

Maybe I’m misunderstanding, but I don’t really see why so many people want to copy older tasks into today’s daily note. I find it better to have proper queries listing open tasks, rather than duplicating tasks all the time, but YMMV.

I use Rollover daily todos to shift tasks from previous daily notes to my current one. I also, though, have a couple of dataview queries on my daily note template to pull in tasks from other (non-daily) notes across my vault. Could this perhaps fit your use-case, @thor314?

general - When I create a daily note, I would like a plugin that automatically fills a section in the note with todos scheduled for that day (or left unfinished on previous days), in plain markdown. Not a code block; though that functionality could be pushed into settings or whatever.

  • @henrikn - see general, the functionality you suggested sounds like Rollover Daily Todos.

  • @egauthier looks neat! Does it create daily notes into the future though? I might be confused, how would you use this to schedule tasks due on a day other than today? Also seems like that would struggle for any recurring tasks.

  • @holroy you do seem to misunderstand; I want to create tasks scheduled into the future, potentially recurring, and load them into a daily note on note creation. See general.

  • @barryvan - see general

regarding due in the future, with the tasks plugin, just append the calendar icon and the future do date to the popup input from QuickAdd. You can add other tags to…like #work, #toRead. Just make sure the tags are before the emoji and the date. Anything later in the task is used by the plugin, and anything other than recognized emoji’s and associated data is ignored.

 #work This my future task for work.  📆 2023-11-30

I haven’t tried that plugin, but I think I prefer having them stay where they were and seeing the list of all todos grouped by daily note, like I have.

For example, today I noticed I had some unchecked items from yesterday that were about meetings or events happening that day. I checked them after the fact, but it would make no sense for “Visit event X” to automatically be moved to today, since the event was yesterday.

I do move some todos forward manually, and it would be neat to be able to do so semi-automatically. I’ll try out the plugin to see if it can do that.

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