`title` image attribute hint is displayed as black-on-black

When the title attribute of an image is set, it’s displayed as an empty square.

Example MD:

- ![alt caption 1](https://image.shutterstock.com/image-vector/sample-stamp-square-grunge-sign-260nw-1474408826.jpg "title caption 1")

Result (check out the top image):

Obsidian: 0.9.6
System: Kubuntu 20.04, KDE, Breeze Dark theme.

It works on windows. I am not sure if this is a linux issue OR just a issue with you specific setup.

What is your installer version?

Also those popup are handled by chrome\electron. Perhaps it’s issue with your system’s theme?


Chrome is installed and it’s my main browser.

what happens if you change your system theme and use a standard one?

As far as I know it’s one the standard themes. But I’ve just check the other [light] theme - Breeze - and it didn’t change anything. I also tried to switch Obsidian to the light mode (wth restart) and it didn’t help too: the UI becomes light, but the hint stays black-on-black.

@argentum @cotemaxime do you have this problem?

@onkeltem do you have this problen on other electron apps?

I can’t reproduce this in the default theme

do you have this problen on other electron apps?

No, I don’t think so.

I just updated the whole app, including the installer (via flatpak).
So currently my both versions is 0.9.10

Does this happen with appimage? os snaps?

I think this one can be closed: I cannot reproduce it anymore on a new installation.

But there’s another issue with the title: it’s not displayed in the Live Preview mode. Is there an issue open already on this?