Title frontmatter balise like a HTML doc and see it on the file navigator

In HTML, we use “title” metadata to definite the title of a page. File name does not matter, as the YAML frontmatter definites the title.

Use case or problem

Using “alias” to rename for example timestamped documents or a Zettelkasten id, it is not compliant to norms like HTML (Hugo, Jekyll…) or Zettelkasten itself. Alias is not a title. I like alias for example in my science notes “Glycerine, Glycérol…” but it is not the same, and it is not recognize as a title by other softwares.

I would like to obtain a file name for example “20220331122” with a title “I walk like a zombie when I don’t drink coffee”. Titles could change, but not the file name.

I would like to be able to see filenames and titles on the file explorer view “20220331122 - I walk like a zombie when I don’t drink coffee” and my wiki links as well.

Proposed solution

  • Keep the alias balise, to prevent mass editing and because it has many use cases.
  • To take in account the “title” balise as the “alias” one.
  • To render them in file explorer.
  • To render them in wikilinks.

Current workaround (optional)

I don’t have one, but I know The Archive and Zettlr work with titles and filename together to obtain title link.