Title bar and the first heading

This is not a very technical question.

I am having trouble distinguishing between the use of the title bar and the first heading. The first heading is set up like this # my heading

If I am writing a simple note, the title bar and the my heading are the same.

It seems that the title bar is privileged in some way. For example, I cannot add links to the title bar.

This may be an ambitious question because it may be dependent on a lot of factors.

I am frustrated because I am often copying the title bar into the my first heading.

Can someone distinguish the title bar and the first heading for me.
Thank you

The title bar is the file name (minus the .md). if you change the title bar name, you change the file name.

You can keep the title bar (file name) and the first heading in sync by installing and enabling the community plugin Filename Heading Sync.

Thank you. I knew there was some plug in but I missed it.

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