Tiny Omnivore patch - unique block-ids out-of-the-box

Omnivore is a great read-later app (https://omnivore.app, not affiliated), and the plugin works well.

The only thing I missed was having a block-id with every highlight. Adding those by hand is cumbersome, and if I later resync a note, I loose the id, annoying.

Since a week or two Omnivore exposes the internal unique ids of every highlight, but those are not usable in Obsidian. With this tiny. patch it is possible, and now you can link to any highlight from Omnivore, without fear the id will change.

Until the patch is used upstream: GitHub - QWxleA/obsidian-omnivore: Obsidian plugin to fetch articles and highlights from Omnivore

A slightly longer explanation can be found here

Notice ^dad9e82f, this was not added by hand