Timestamp Timeline of The Notes

Hi all,

For all my notes I use timestamp like 2023-07-26, which is amazing for knowing the age of note and contextualizing in time.

Now I would like to have an plugin that would automagicaly scan all files in vault, find every tag (threat it similar to a link) and display it as timeline, similar to GitHub - George-debug/obsidian-timeline: Obisdian.md plugin for creating timelines or Google Photos timeline, but without creating new file

The cards would display a paragraph until double new line.

Example of note:


I have and idea

And whatever

And those would be 2 cards with a date.

Also could be a nice feature for Daliy Notes, where you can just browse without opening individual files.

Additional features would include photos and document from outside the vault like photos, documents etc based on creation date.

An ultimate timeline for your creation.

Anything similar to that that already exist?