Timeline Custom-CSS

The only way I found to do this is to have a list of header texts and other lists so you can use vanilla Obsidian.

A list of header text as year + a list of 2 items as title and information.

timeline.css (1.4 KB)
actually_a_sass_file.css (1.9 KB)


Very cool idea!

I’d like to see it implemented as a plugin! That would be just magical!

Looks great. Are there any special instructions for this?

I’ll try :slight_smile: this week. I’ll be back with a reply here if I succeed

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Just load the CSS as a snippet and use the template in the left

I’m not sure what’s happening with the bullets. Is it a hard return between the bullet and the header?

yes, I find it easier to write it

I need a wrapper around every event and one around every title + info.
My solution was to use lists