Time dependent highlights

I have various time-dependent routines, which I have written as simple lists.

Is there a way to highlight or otherwise emphasize a line in this list depending on the time of day. A plugin, template, or even embedded code solution is OK, since these lists do not change much.

I am not using checkboxes and regenerating the list each day or making any measures of my daily success (at this time :wink:

There is a Day Planner plugin, which maybe does what you want it to do. It’s based on doing lists for each day with time stamps in the lists. And it has some bells and whistles related to presenting the tasks of days, and remaining time and similar stuf.

So maybe that could be used in combination with some template to populate todays list with your basic setup for a day? (And where you of course would be able to add/remove stuff from those days)

Thanks for that. I looks interesting. I will try it out, but I am hesitant to incorporate plug-in that are no longer actively updated.

I do agree, but I’ve not seen anything similar which is being updated. Then again I’m not really knowledgeable on the myriad of plugins out there.

The alternative from my point of view would be some dataview query where you could assign colors related to timestamps, but it wouldn’t look half as nice as that plugin.

So if the plugin works, then it works. And at the end of the day, even if the plugin fails your data will still persist, and can be visualized by something else.

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