Thunderbird & empty Obsidian

hej world. I had a bigger update for thumbleweed (+1400) today. Afterward my Obsidian-1.4.16.AppImage starts with an empty and black screen. Start with an unknown/new vault - the same. reboot and other boring things - the same.

Terminalstart Obsidian: there is much on output, but I didn’t no to handle:

output and

itsme@localhost:~/bin/Obsidian> ./Obsidian-1.4.16.AppImage 2>>err.log
2023-12-15 11:06:58 Loading main app package /tmp/.mount_Obsidivu6xOH/resources/obsidian.asar
2023-12-15 11:07:01 Checking for update using Github
2023-12-15 11:07:02 Success.
2023-12-15 11:07:02 Latest version is 1.4.16
2023-12-15 11:07:02 App is up to date.
Not using (54.0 KB)

so, what shall i do?

I’m sorry!

deleting the folder

> /home/itsme/.config/obsidian/

is the game changer in this case! Thanks Heaven!

#empty screeen

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