This forum: Re-arrange the Categories and settings

Not an Obsidian request, but for this forum. You might want to rearrange the forum categories, that is common after a forum gets going. For the home page, you can set the number of posts that show in that little preview. For more active topics, you might want to bump that up to 5 or 7 (like the Help, Obsidian, and Knowledge Management categories).

I might not be following you correctly, but I read your post as helping folks customize their Discourse experience (the software this forum runs on). So I moved it to #share-showcase. If you’re suggesting changes to how the forum is currently structured, though, I apologize—please elaborate and maybe I’ll stop being confused!


It is about the admin (you?) of this Discourse, and there was no good place to post it, so I can see how you’d be confused!

  1. I am suggesting you re-order the Categories, to put the more common ones to the top (while keeping Announcements as the first).

  2. For each category, the default number of posts to show on the summary page is 3. I am suggesting you change the config of the site to show 5-7. Down below is an example from another forum where they set it to 10 for example. I am not saying every category should be expanded, but the popular ones.

If you (admin) goes to the Category, and hit Edit, there are setting per Category:


Ah interesting, thanks. Paging @Silver on this and moving the request to the generic level of the forum!

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@Silver - any thoughts on tweaking the settings of this forum? Send me a PM if you have questions about the suggestions.